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International Auction Galleries – Queensland’s first and foremost Auction House – was established back in 1985 to fill the void of a smaller, high end “boutique style” auction house. IAG specialises in both live and online Coin and Banknote Auctions with a focus on selling the rarest and the highest quality Coins and Banknotes that benefit both our buyers and sellers by providing better service and lower costs more than anyone! Our auction sales - of which we do 2 major ‘Signature Live’ auctions and several ‘Live Online’ auctions a year, are always seen as numismatic highlights. As of 2023, IAG has held more than 275 Live, Online and Postal Sales, and now in their 39th year of operations, has achieved Worldwide renown with numerous record breaking auctions totalling over $160 Million in sales.

Our Coin and Banknote Auctions continue to be one of the market leaders in "rare and high end" numismatic items, with our auctions often setting new record prices. We also hold several current pricing World Records, including the Highest Price ever realised for any Australian Numismatic Item at $1,909,000 (this is also the highest price achieved for any item at any Numismatic auction in Australia). In 2008 IAG sold 2 single items in consecutive sales for over $1,000,000 each. Our last 20 signature live auctions have broken countless world records, and we have sold in excess of $40,000,000 in these sales alone!! (See Download section for our current or previous Catalogues and Prices Realised).

One of our auctions - Sale 78 - broke two new world record prices, and our Signature live auction return of an average of $2,000 for every item sold is higher than any of the other major Auction houses! When you combine this with our industry leading clearance rates of up to 100%, the fastest and most secure 30 day vendor payments (with all funds held in our Trust Account), friendly and efficient customer service and ZERO sellers commission rates for all vendors, proves why we are number one!

We are the number one Australian Numismatic Online Auction house, with regular Live Online auctions from 2012 (the first to run complete live Online auctions) with a significant online auction presence dating back to 2004! We have offered over a hundred thousand lots online since then to tens of thousands of clients across the world. Our proprietary in-house developed Live Online Internet Auction program is not only market leading, but completely FREE to bid through! We continue to develop and expand on our bidding system to provide you with the best and most innovative ways to buy and sell in today’s market.

The Professional Team at IAG consists of:

Paul Hannaford: CEO, Managing Director, Head of Numismatics and Grading. Paul has been a Professional Numismatic Dealer for 38 years, and got his start in numismatics after helping out in his family business from the age of 6 years old. Paul has brought the IAG company that was started in 1985 to a prominent position as one of the top Auction Houses in Australia. He is considered one of the leading numismatic experts on Australian Coin and Banknote Rarities, and has been involved in providing information for many of the price guides in the Australian Numismatic Market. Paul is the current National President of A.N.D.A. (The Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association), having held the position now for a record 6 years, and is also the longest ever ANDA Committee member having served for the last 25 years and counting. In addition to being National President, has also held the position of Vice President for numerous years, and has chaired several specialised numismatic related ANDA committees including heading up the Ethics and Good Conduct Committee (E&GCC).

Moana Hannaford: Auction Coordinator and Art Director. Moana is responsible for all the high quality photography and auction catalogue production, vendor and client liaison, as well as daily overseer of pretty much everything relating to the complex process of running multiple auctions.

Susan Clark: Office Manager, Head of Accounts and Head Client Liaison. Susan has been with us for 15 years. She is responsible for all the day to day general running of IAG including all financial and accounting aspects, and handles all office and auction enquiries with her customary fantastic service.

Christo Mircev: Head of IT. Christo has been responsible for developing and implementing our fantastic Postal and Online Live Bidding systems as well as our stock control programs, graphic design, advertising material and catalogue production & implementation.

IAG recognises that people dealing through auction need to feel confident with the company they are dealing with. As such, we guarantee that all auction items are always expertly checked to ensure they are genuine, are correctly and fully described, and are accurately graded. All items are priced at a fair and current market price, to ensure our auction estimates are accurate. We take pride in every aspect of our business, and continually strive to better it.

We also charge 0% (No) commission to all sellers, ensuring both sellers and buyers get a better deal in all of our sales.

All of this means that both Buyers and Sellers are the winners in our auctions. Combine this with the best range of Rare Coins and Banknotes around, and you can see why we are:

The Leaders in Numismatic Live and Online Auctions in Australia.